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Adding Lashes

Welcome to School of Lashes Inc.

An Online and In-Person Course designed to accelerate your skills to becoming a Lash Professional in Only 3 Months!

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Adding Lashes

Eyelash Extension Course in
Calgary & Surrounding Areas.


Want to know MORE? Keep Reading...

Are you tired of living for the weekend?

Are you ready to build a schedule you’ll love?


Being your OWN boss

Building a schedule that suits your ideal lifestyle 

Earning financial freedom

Working from home

Doing something you enjoy

Why Get Certified through School of Lashes?

A Certification proves that you have taken the time to educate yourself in the industry and that you take your craft seriously. An accreditation gives your clients the confidence that you will provide the best and safest possible care to them. Remember, we’re dealing with people’s faces! A misjudgment of treatment or an unnecessary infection could prove life-altering for a client. So while it is a crucial step in becoming a lash professional, certifications are not governed by the Provincial or Federal boards. 

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Adding Lashes

Still not sure that becoming a Lash Tech is for you?
Here's a few more perks to the business...

Work From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Once Certified, you can create a home studio and work a full day without ever leaving your home (think of how much gas money you will save with no commute!).


Create Your Own Dream Schedule

As a lash tech, you have the power to set your own schedule! Don’t feel like working on Mondays? Don’t accept clients on Mondays! You are the boss of your schedule.


Get a Quick Return On Investment

School of Lashes will have you certified in less than 3 months. You can start building your business and clientel within just one week of starting the course!


Create Financial Freedom

This is one of the main benefits of being a lash tech: The only limit to your earning potential is your work ethic and drive! You can work as often or as little as you like. 


Be Part of a Quickly Growing Industry

According to VMR, the lash industry is estimated to reach $3 BILLION by 2028. Let me help you become an expert and reach the top of your game to enter this industry with confidence, knowledge and finesse.


 Making Connections

As a lash tech, you’ll meet many amazing people who become clients as well as friends. Your work day will fly by with each new conversation.


Added Bonus: Earn $100,000+ a year?

Let’s Break it Down


As a Beginner lash tech, you can charge anywhere from $40-$100/hr

You can become a SOL Certified Lash Technician in ONLY 3 months, and start adding an extra $3000/month to your income. If you are ready and serious about changing your life, it will require hard work, determination, time and effort.

I will teach you what I know and then it’s all up to you!


Are you ready to make the jump into your new career? It's just Four Easy Steps!


Sign-Up to SOL!

Hurray! You have made a decision to jump into a new career! 

Once you've signed up, you will receive an email with a link that will connect you to my Schedulicity App to book your virtual or by phone meeting!

Sign-Up & Let's Meet!


Virtual Meeting

Let's connect virtually or by phone call to have a 30-45 minute conversation and get to know you first! I need to make sure that SOL will work for you. You making this investment for yourself is important to me and that you fully get everything out of my curriculum. Having the right personality and skills is also going to help you tremendously in being successful in this trade. Picking a good candidate for School of Lashes is as important for me as it is to you! I am also putting trust in you to do the work and make the time. I want to make sure that you are serious about putting in 100% for this 3-month hands-on course, & getting a chance to know you on a personal level.

If you are ready for the next step and are interested in an exciting journey then let's schedule a time and day that works best for you!


Enroll & Learn
the Skills

 Once we've enrolled you into the course. You will have complete flexibility when booking your lash course with me. I offer a 1-on-1 training to give you my full, undivided attention. There will be two (in-person) visits at your home with manikin training and student worksheets + more.

Then 4 hands-on training with models at the SOL location & unlimited amount of shadowing + more!!

You will receive in-depth training through out the School of Lashes programming, covering everything from safety, techniques and trends, and more. As mentioned, I have been doing lashes for over eight years now, and I will be teaching you everything I know. By following your SOL Itinerary for 13 weeks, you will finish this course feeling confident being a Certified Eyelash Technician! 


Earn Time
& Money


You have completed your training! As a Certified Eyelash Technician, you will start seeing a return on your investment in a few short months.

Are you ready??

Adding Lashes

Still not sure? Look at this wealth of knowledge you will gain through School of Lashes Inc.

  • History of Lash Extensions

  • Anatomy of the Eye

  • About Eyelash Extensions

  • Health + Safety Modules by BeautyPro

  • Allergies + Sensitivities presented by Trish, Black Cat Educator

  • Lash Extension Hygiene

  • About Lash Adhesives presented by Trish, Black Cat Educator

  • Classic Application Process & Taping Hacks!

  • All About Volume Fans

  • Volume Weights + Considerations

  • Volume Application Process

  • Eye Health & Allergies presented by Trish Van Duimen - Black Cat Educator

  • Hybrid Application Process

  • Lash Extension Fills

  • Lash Extension Removals – Multiple Methods

  • Lash Mapping + Design – Eye Shapes + Styling

  • Self-Care/Client Care – Client Consultations

  • Setting up your Space for Success

  • Product Knowledge + Equipment

  • Business Start-Up! - Marketing Tips, Registering Your Lash Business + MORE!

  • 30 Min - Business Accountant Virtual Meeting 

  • Bonus Modules -The Lashpreneur presented by Tara Walsh

  • Most Important, Mastering Your MINDSET! presented by Megan K.


Meet your Instructor, Janique Albert

"Certified Lash Educator through NALA Association "


I’ve been in your position…

Before becoming a lash tech, I was feeling stuck and looking for a new career path. I wanted to do something that would allow for a better work life balance and the flexibility to do what I enjoy like camping, fishing and making time for friends and family. 


Originally, I thought that what I wanted was to go back to school to become a Nurse, so I needed the ability to build my own schedule while being able to earn a livable wage. Maybe you can relate to this? Whether you’re a student, a mom, or you simply just have a lot on your plate, the ability to set a schedule is what will allow you to do it all.


The Lash industry presents the perfect opportunity! While it may seem like a lot, it’s really not as hard as you may think. 


Here’s what I did:

Once I made the decision to get started, I became a Certified Lash Tech in a few short months. I then invested in a lash bed and supplies, cleaned and set up a nice private area in the house I was renting out and voila, my at-home lash studio was born! 

I was able to earn an income on my time, which meant I could schedule work around my bigger priorities. I ended up loving the work so much that I quit college and pursued a lashing career instead! 


And here I am eight years later, not just surviving but thriving.


I want to help you do the same!

Since I started in 2015, I’ve helped hundreds of women look and feel their best and made so many friends along the way. Not to mention, I have completely renovated my studio and I’ll let you in on a not-so-secret secret, I’ve made a lot of money all thanks to the power of Lashes! 


I have decided to expand my business into a Lash School, so that I can help women like YOU become a Lash Pro and change your life with this amazing career path!


Founder & Lead Instructor

Where will you get all the supplies and tools you need to get started? Don't worry! School of Lashes has got you covered! 

Included in your course fees to get you started is a custom School of Lashes "Lash Kit" valued at OVER $800


Luxe Cosmetic Backpack to store all your products

     Manequin Face and Set of Eyes

Nano Mister

Coconut Fragrance for Mister

Lash Shampoo

Magnetic Tweezer Case 

Lash Fan 

Blooming Cups

Jade Stone

Eye Pads 


Lash Spoolies

Lip Applicator Brush 

Disposable Micro Applicator 

Paper Med Tape

Nexcare Tape

Adhesive – X2

Adhesive Remover

Tweezers – X3 

 Glue Container

Lash Primer

 Lash Bonder

 Eyelash Extensions: 

 Mix Tray (.03 CC & D) X2

 Mix Tray (.05 CC & D) X2

 Mix Tray (.07 CC & D) X2

 Mix Tray (.15 C & D/.20 C &D) X4

 Mix Tray (.10 C & D) X4


20% Off Lash Supplies from My Personal Favorite Brands!


And Don't Forget..

Lifetime Support from Your Instructor

Certification Upon Completing the Course

All that you will need to purchase to complete your setup is:

Lash Bed

Ring Light


A Designated Area 

 An Extreme Willingness to Learn!

Image by Ryan Moreno


*In 90 days you will Gain Your First Client* 

I believe in this course and that anyone who puts in the work has the ability to thrive in this industry so much that I can guarantee you will be acquiring clients within 90 days of graduating. I will be there to help you every step of the way...

5 Things you MUST have to Succeed in this Course:

1. Belief in yourself.

2. Willingness to put in the work.

3. A drive to succeed.

4. Willingness to Invest time and money in yourself.

5. 100% commitment to learn something new.

Get ready for your future! Sign-up now and get started in one of the fastest-growing industries around!

I know I know, you're probably thinking...
"This sounds amazing! What sort of investment am I looking at?"

This in-depth course PLUS an extensive Lash Kit to have you ready to go was ORIGINALLY PRICED at  $4,247.25CDN. (taxes included)


 SPECIAL PRICE OF $3,397.80CDN (taxes included)

*3 Months Hands-On with your Instructor*

What a deal for all this and more!

Lash Skills & Fundamentals

Classic, Hybrid & Volume Lash Techniques

Online Learning Modules

All You Need - Lash Kit 

2x Certifications Included

1-on-1 In-Person Training 

Lifetime Support from your Instructor

Applying false lashes in a salon

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you 16+?  

Are you in high school looking to get more credits? Did you just graduate and you're now thinking about job options that offer the flexibility while you go to College/University? Or are you unsure about what you want to do but passionate about learning a skill you love, that also makes good money?

This might be for you!

Beginners looking to enter the Industry, wanting the best training available to date.

Lash technicians looking for a certification to increase their reputation.

Working lash artists wanting to learn tried-and-true methods for growing their business.

Are you a lash pro who has been in the industry for a few years and is looking to update your knowledge and develop your skills with the latest techniques and technologies.     


Looking for a part-time job? 

Raising your kids, and wanting supplemental income on the side? Wanting a career change, and looking to be your own boss! Being a lash technician is truly the greatest job in the world - you get to create your preferred schedule, while making lifetime friends, in an ever-evolving industry… so you’ll never get bored.

But the greatest part is seeing the confidence boost of clients when they leave your studio. 


If anyone knows about lashes, it’s me. If you have questions about the training or how it can benefit your lash journey, I am happy to have an honest discussion about your goals and answer any questions you may have to see if this is the right fit for you. Via email:


I know this is an important question.

Everyone’s got busy lives and to make sure this is doable, once you have chosen when you want to start your training, I’m available to accommodate what works best for you! Together, we will schedule two sessions for mannequin training at your home. Then, four hands-on live models at School of Lashes Inc.

You will be given an Itinerary which will include Modules, Student Worksheets & Assignments + More! 

13 Weeks of comprehensive training to help you succeed!! 


Spots Filled "September/October/November 2024"

 2 Spots Available  "January/February/March 2025"



Congratulations on taking the next step and investing in your future! You will receive a follow-up email from me shortly on how to begin the process and you’re one step closer to a Lash Pro with the skills you will learn at School of Lashes Inc. So, let’s get Started!

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